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The Back Story

The Proposition

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I've been super blessed in my life to be able to study piano from a very early age, and since then I've picked up more and more instruments. Today I play piano, violin, cello, organ, jazz piano, and voice. I've played in more ensembles of different genres and sizes than I can count, and each one has influenced and informed the music that I make in a distinct way. I'm from the midwest, but I've been homeschooled for the last 7 years in Belgium, where I live with my family.

The road that leads to becoming an artist is a long and winding one, but the short version of mine is that at 15 I became the youngest-ever student to be accepted to the Young Talent Program at the Royal Conservatory of Liege where I majored in both Piano and Organ Performance. Since then, I've decided to go for it and dedicate my efforts toward a successful musical career. Having had several years of experience in traditional conservatories, I've realized that I'd rather pursue the Commercial Music route, things like Production and Music Business. That's when Belmont University's School of Music presented itself as the perfect place for me to receive that education, in a Christian environment, located in Nashville, one of the biggest musical cities in the world. 

The most exciting part of my story so far has been that I was accepted to the Belmont School of Music!

However, I immediately began thinking, praying, and wondering what I could do to fund this education. I received both academic and musical merit scholarships, but I have seven younger siblings and won't be tapping into my parents' funds. And I'd like to avoid student loan debt at all costs.


I have the first half covered, so my goal is to get the second half covered. 

That's when I thought of one of the most famous classical composers of all time: Ludwig Van Beethoven.

In 1804, Count Ferdinand Ernst Gabriel von Waldstein received a knock on his door. When one of his footmen went to open it, they found the young, determined, curly-haired Beethoven.

Today, the Waldstein Piano Sonata, Op. 53, has been enjoyed and revered for over 200 years. And Waldstein's name has lived on for every one of those years as the commissioner and dedicatee of that masterpiece. 

You see, I think Beethoven's patronage structure could still work today...

Have you ever needed the perfect gift for your spouse or loved one but been unable to find it? The perfect thing to punctuate your company's event or your family's celebration? 


Today, broad commercialization and abundant luxury have rendered meaningful gift-giving next to impossible. What if there was something that time had proven to be meaningful, powerful, timeless, and beautiful? Well, there is!



The multi-movement work will be between 30 and 45 minutes in length and composed and delivered within 1 year. You'll get the full score and a High-Quality audio file of a performance of it. You'll have the full rights and ownership of it so that you can do whatever you'd like with it, whether that is having it performed, splicing it up, licensing it out, reselling it, whatever you'd like. I'll consult with you throughout the process to understand your tastes and ensure that the end result is one that you will truly love and find beautiful. That said, you can be as involved or not as you'd like in the composition process.


I'll be composing one Symphony per year for the four years that I'll be getting my degree. Therefore, there will only be four Symphonies available. Each one requires thousands of hours of effort and energy.

I realize that you could compose a symphony from another, more established composer, but I'm able to give you an almost identical end result for a third of the going price! As I'm young and on a time crunch, I can make an offer to you that I couldn't find anyone else offering. 

While I do want to study music, I'm not aiming to become a composer. This is great news for you because it means that I'm not trying to build any personal clout or reputation through your commission. My sole aim is to fund the second half of my tuition by creating music for you that you will love. 

When faced with the same college tuition dilemma, many simply ask for money and find success that way. I thought about doing that, but that just isn't who I am. I want to bring you value by doing what I love. 

I know that I'm young and still relatively unproven, but I have the time and opportunity now to make you an offer that I can't see myself ever being able to make again. Additionally, if you listen to the background music in the video above, you'll hear a sample piece of my own work. I've been writing and playing music of all kinds my whole life, and I'm excited to compose for you.

Each Symphony costs a total of $37,200, which will be paid out in progress payments during the year that I'm composing it. 

To purchase your symphony, you'll pay a deposit of $1,800 to reserve your spot. This one-time fee is completely refundable for 90 days.

I'll begin writing the first Symphony (the Freshman Symphony) on September 1st, 2020. If you pre-order your Symphony before then, you'll get a discount of $5,000, making your Symphony $32,200!

Additionally, the four symphonies come with varying numbers of revisions. Meaning that, even after I've completely finished composing your Symphony, if you change your mind about something or want anything altered, whether it be big or small, I will go back and adjust it for you. The First Year Symphony (Freshman Symphony) will have three revision opportunities, the Sophomore will have two, the Junior will have one, and the Senior will have zero. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer, so apply below to discuss your Symphony with me and reserve your spot.

My favorite part of this proposition is that, not only do you get a timeless piece of beautiful music dedicated to whomever you'd like, that will live on as part of your legacy forever, but you're also supporting the arts, and the old American value of providing value instead of only having your hand out.

Finally, this is an investment that will only become more profitable over time. Should (when) I become a successful musician, composer, arranger, conductor, or  achieve any greater career status than I currently have at seventeen, your art's value will increase. 

If this is something you're  interested in, please apply below.

Even if you don't commission a composition, I'd love to hear your advice.

If you like what I'm proposing, but want a piece of music that will be more corporate-friendly, please apply anyway as I'm happy to work out a different arrangement with you.


I'd like to thank you in advance for your interest in and willingness to support me. I am immensely grateful to you!


If you know someone who might be interested in my proposition, please share this webpage with them ( And please feel free to make a one-time donation on my GoFundMe ( or join me as an Official Patron over on Patreon (


I appreciate you and look forward to composing for you!

The Details

Symphony Commission: $37,200


 - Full score and sheet music

 - HQ audio file of a performance of the Symphony

 - 3/4 movements

 -  Between 30-45 minutes in length

 - Delivered within 1 year

 - Composed in any style of your choosing

 - Dedicated to any one of your choosing

 - Lifetime ownership and full rights

 - Paid in quarterly progress payments during the year of composition

 - One-time Pre-order fee: $1,800 (full refund available for 90 days)

The Four Symphonies:


#1: The Freshman Symphony

        - Completed by September 1st, 2021

        - 3 Revision Opportunities

#2: The Sophomore Symphony

        - Completed by September 1st, 2022

        - 2 Revision Opportunities

#3: The Junior Symphony

        - Completed by September 1st, 2023

        - 1 Revision Opportunity

#4: The Senior Symphony

        - Completed by September 1st, 2024

        - 0 Revision Opportunities

A discount of $5,000 will be applied to any of the Symphonies if they are pre-ordered before September 1st, 2020.

New total Price: $32,200

Apply below to discuss your Symphony with me and Reserve your Spot!

More 'corporate'-friendly compositions can be arranged, please apply below.

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