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About Me.

As the eldest of eight children, Veronica began her musical training early with piano lessons at the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati (CCM). In the following years, she added the study of violin, cello, organ, jazz piano, and voice.

She has won and placed in various piano competitions, and her versatility has led her to collaborate in many different types of ensembles and genres: traditional folk, orchestra, piano trios, quartets, jazz trios, jazz band, chapel choir, and acapella groups.

In 2013 she began studying at the Julien Gerstmans Académie de Music in Hannut, Belgium, where she completed the highest level of music theory training and continued her instrumental and ensemble lessons. In 2016 (at the age of 15), she was the youngest person in history to be accepted into the Jeune Talent Program at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège for piano performance. The following year she became the youngest-ever organ performance student in the same Jeune Talent program, and the first to study in two disciplines simultaneously. In 2018 Veronica began teaching piano, composing and arranging, and in 2019 she began freelance songwriting

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Youtube Channel

I post videos of my performances, song covers, childhood videos, videos about music topics, practice videos, and more.

Youtube Channel

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Support Me

One of the key things I do in return for support is compose music - to learn more about how that works, go here.

I'm still in the beginnings of my building my musical career, and I really appreciate your support as I do that.

You can make a one-time donation to my GoFundMe College Fund, you can support me on Patreon, or you can comission a work from me.

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