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Updated: May 15, 2020

I've been writing songs unseriously for years, but have recently begun freelance songwriting. Here are some of the songs I've written.

You can find the catalogue of the songs and pieces I've written in my exclusive content on Patreon. I hope you'll join me as an Official Patron there and keep in touch with me as I continue to grow and create better and better music!

I use Fiverr to run my freelance songwriting from as it is a well-suited platform that provides ease for both me and the customer.

My Various Songwriting Gigs:

A birthday is arriving. Your anniversary is coming up. You want to do something special and memorable for your significant other. Well, look no further. A custom song makes the perfect gift for your loved ones for every occaision.

I will write a song for your loved ones:

Do you have a song idea that you've never been able to finish or are stuck on? Or a song that needs arranging, a vocal, piano, or instrumental track added to it? This is the gig for you.

I will finish your song for you:

In need of a catchy but original music that you'll actually like for your YouTube Channel (or any other kind of video)? I'd love to write the perfect theme music for you.

I will write the perfect theme song for your YouTube Channel or Video:

And finally, new podcasts are emerging every day, making key details like background and intro/outro music, increasingly important for success. I'll write music that properly reflects your brand and vibe.

I will write intro and outro music for your Podcast episodes:

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