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My Social Media Presence

Updated: May 14, 2020

I'm making music on quite a few platforms, so here's the full list for your convenience.


YouTube: This is where it all started... Every performance I've ever done is on here for posterity. I also post covers of songs I love and videos on musicianship. New videos every Wednesday and Sunday.

Instagram: Showcasing the real and raw aspects of the musical part of my life is super important to me, and this is where I show up every day to do that. I post practice clips of what I'm working on, mini concerts across instruments and genres and much more.

Patreon: This is the platform on which I organize my large-scale classical composition comissions and create exclusive content for my Patrons. My Patreon supporters are the pillar of my work and I'd love for your you to become one!


Official Website: you are here :). If you haven't already, you can sign up here to my weekly (trust me, no more than that) email newsletter to stay up to date the easy way with what I've been doing, loving, and listening to.

Fiverr: This is the platform I use to organize my smaller scale freelance songwriting. You can learn more about that here.

Quora: I answer random people's musical questions as eloquently as possible for fun. Id you've never gone down a Quora rabbit hole before, then let me get you started.

GoFundMe: This is my Belmont University College Fund where you can make one-time donations to help me study Commercial Piano at the university of my dreams.

Not Yet Active

Pinterest: I'm hoping to contribute my own content to one of my most cherished platforms soon.

FaceBook: For those of you who stick to the good ol' FB, I'll be active on my account soon!

Amazon Affiliates: This is where I'll link products I truly love and use and think you will too.

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